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Griffco productsAbout Griffco Valve

Griffco Valve manufactures high quality chemical feed equipment for pumps and systems. Products include back pressure valves, pressure relief valves, pulsation dampeners, calibration columns, injection valves, corporation stops, gauge guards, y-strainers and other chemical feed accessories. Griffco is privately held and was established in 1992 and is located in Amherst, NY. All products Griffco manufactures are proudly made in the USA. Griffco is NSF, CE, and ISO 9001 certified.

Griffco is committed to working with the best local suppliers and employs talented professionals to ensure customer satisfaction. It is every employee's commitment to provide the best customer service and support. Griffco has made more than a quarter million valves and other accessories over the years. With such a large install base, is it critical that customers know where and how to get the best product, right answers, and trusted support.

Griffco sells its products all over the world; using a distribution network, private label agreements, and OEM accounts. With corporate agreements with most of the leading metering pump manufacturers and other positive displacement pump companies, Griffco is behind the scenes delivering, supporting, and ensuring proper pump and system operation. The pump companies understand and trust Griffco to be the best in class and to always deliver.

Griffco has many years of chemical feed experience for a wide range of applications, markets, and different pumping technologies. Chances are Griffco can help with a solution. Customers have always counted on the high quality, great customer service, and reliable shipments that Griffco provides. When so many of our customers say, "I always use Griffco Valves" - you can be certain that Griffco is ready to help you!