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Griffco Valve Pulsation Dampener Sizing Calculator


Imperial Metric


Pulsation Dampener

Step #1: Calculate the Volume per Stroke.

Volume / Stroke (in³) = (GPH / Strokes/Min) x 231

Step #2: Fill in the remaining values and calculate.

Dampener Size (C) = (V) x (K) x (SP/ Pmin)y
1 – (SP/ Pmax)y
Where V = Volume / Stroke (in3)
SP = Mean System Pressure (Pmin + Pmax) /2
Pmin = Minimum Discharge Pressure in PSI
Pmax = Maximum Discharge Pressure in PSI
K = Constant from the Pump-type Table shown in menu
Y = 1 (if charged with Compressed Air); 0.714 (if charged with Nitrogen)
(type of pump)