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Stan Kaznowski Announces His Semi-Retirement from Griffco Valve
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Stan Kaznowski Announces His Semi-Retirement from Griffco Valve

(December 2020) The year 2020 has been a daunting challenge, and 2021 will ring in a major change at Griffco Valve, Inc. Our General Manager, Stan Kaznowski will be “semi-retiring.”

Stan came to us 10 years ago after a long and successful career in the automotive sector as CFO of Curtis Screw in Buffalo, NY. As Stan said to us during his interview, “I have 10 good years left in me and I want to find a home.”

Did he ever!

Stan has a long list of accomplishments at Griffco and we want to recognize some of the highlights.

First and foremost, he put together a great team at our factory in Amherst NY. Griffco’s well recognized customer service has been a group effort and Stan has built and lead that team for the last 10 years. He also guided us through our quality certifications with CE, NSF, ISO, and CRN. His attention to detail has yielded impeccable audits for all our annual inspections.

They say that one of the most stressful tasks in life is moving. Four years ago, Griffco was bursting at the seams in our previous location. Stan and his team moved our entire facility in 3 days, without 1 day of lost production. He then oversaw the modification to our office space and warehouse to meet our needs. Since then, he has continued to improve the efficiency of our operations through the design and implementation of improved production practices and astute equipment purchases.

The COVID pandemic did not stop Stan and his dedication to Griffco and our people. His leadership and attention to the ever-changing climate that COVID brought to daily life was a challenge but under Stan’s guidance, we have dealt with it capably. We are all grateful.

Stan may be getting ready for retirement but will continue with Griffco in a different capacity. He will continue to oversee our accreditations, special projects, and all things that need his attention. His years of knowledge will be passed along to his successors.

As with most things in life, nothing remains static, but one can be assured that fewer hours at the plant will allow Stan more time with his wife, Lynn, and the rest of his family – including grandchildren. He will be able to pursue hunting, golfing, and anything else that will fill his time with enjoyment and pleasure.

With Our Sincerest Appreciation and Regards,

Colin Black 
Griffco Valve, Inc.                               

Sandy Black
Vice President
Griffco Valve, Inc. 

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