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Griffco Valve manufactures reliable, high-quality pump accessories for chemical feed and pumping systems. Established in 1992, Griffco products are used for municipal, industrial, and processing applications worldwide and are backed by a network of distributors and channel partners to help meet your needs. Pump companies understand and trust Griffco to be the best in class and deliver with our “Quick Turnaround Advantage” program. Our products are proudly made in the USA.

Griffco Valve Pump Accessories Products

Every Accessory for Fluid Handling

Help stabilize the downstream pressure and ensure that certain types of pumps deliver consistent flows or allow for high accuracy and stable operation. Also known as loading valves or anti-siphon valves. 

Allow for the injector quill to be removed without turning off the process flow. Can be fitted with an optional poppet to help minimize chemical build-up and improve chemical dispersion.

Protect pumps, systems, or tanks from an upset condition (e.g. pressure spike, over pressurization, closed valve). Also known as safety valves or bypass valves.

Reduce damage caused by harmful shock waves and deliver continuous laminar chemical dosage at the injection point. Inlet stabilizers reduce inlet shock, acceleration head losses, and inlet cavitation.

Measure flow and help calibrate metering and dosing pumps to ensure a high level of accuracy. Also known as calibration cylinders or calibration pots.

Combine a pulsation dampener and back pressure valve to provide smooth, laminar flow through the pressure valve/dampener combination. Can be mounted anywhere in the system.

Enable passage of a liquid from a feed line into the center of a process line. Also known as injection quills.

Y-Strainers on the suction side of the chemical feed pump prevent debris from entering the pump and clogging the check valves or damaging the pump head.

Ensure optimal pressures are maintained in a chemical feed system and protect instruments against chemical attack. Also known as pressure gauge isolators.

Griffco Valve manufactures additional accessories to support all customer pump accessory requirements.

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