Call 1-800-GRIFFCO   (1-800-474-3326)   Intl: +1-716-835-0891

Call 1-800-GRIFFCO (1-800-474-3326)
Intl: +1-716-835-0891

Griffco Valve Inc. adds Corporation Stops to Chem Feed Portfolio
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Griffco Valve Inc. adds Corporation Stops to Chem Feed Portfolio

(December 1, 2014) – Griffco Valve, Inc., a manufacturer of high quality chemical feed equipment, is pleased to announce the release of a their new line of corporation stops for chemical feed injection. Corporation stops are a type injection valves that isolates the chemical injection line from the process piping. This allows for the injection line to be removed and serviced without having to drain the main process piping. This saves time, money and removes unnecessary risk.

Griffco’s corporation stops are available in multiple injection quill materials (plastics: PVC, CPVC, PVDF, & PP and metals: 316SS, Carpenter 20, Hastelloy C). In addition they are available will multiple ball valve materials: brass, plastics, and metal alloys. Griffco corporation stops come standard with a 316SS locking chain with 1” (or 25mm) increments for securing the quill for a variety of pipe diameters and chemical applications.

Corporation stops represent the next evolution of Griffco’s chemical feed equipment expansion. Griffco’s corporation stops are a step above current offerings in the market place. With added features and options never before seen on these types of products, users will benefit from Griffco’s designs and sophisticated knowledge of chemical feed applications. Contact Griffco today to see what they can do for you.

Griffco Valve Inc. based in Amherst, NY manufactures high quality chemical feed equipment for pumps and systems. Products include back pressure valves, pressure relief valves, calibration columns, injection valves, corporation stops, and other chemical feed accessories. Contact Griffco Valve Inc. for more information: 1-800-Griffco or at

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